Aluminium Precision

Aluminum Precision Casting

GRS manufactures a range of high strength casting plasters designed for casting Aluminium alloys. This range of casting plasters offers a high level of mechanical resistance enabling the manufacture of large complex parts within the automotive, aerospace industries. GRS can also offer a casting plaster specific to casting magnesium alloys.

Hydracast 79/60

Hydracast 79/60is a ready-to-use refractory investment for lost wax casting industrial moulds with high dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish. This product which is widely used in the automotive, aerospace industries is suited for aluminium and zinc alloys using the Lost Wax Process and is adapted for small to medium sized parts

Technical Data
% water used30
Liquid density1.85
Mixing time minutes3
Working / Casting time minutes 7
Initial setting time (minutes) 12
Linear expansion 2 hours after setting % < = 0,5
Tyre Moulding


GRS manufacture a range of Foamed and Non-Foamed Tyre Mould casting plasters under the Hydracast brand name. These plasters were developed for the casting of aluminium alloys using the permanent mould process. Hydracast Tyre Mould formulations have been specifically formulated to give high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finish and high permeability. GRS have the ability to supply a ready formulated product or formulate a bespoke product to meet your needs..

Hydracast 18/18

Hydracast M3E

Hydracast MouldTherm

Hydracast TMGC

Compressor Wheel


GRS are world leaders in the production of foundry plaster for casting Aluminium compressor wheels and have over 25 years experience of supply to the turbo industry. These casting plasters contain only the purest closely graded raw materials to give utmost consistency from batch to batch in addition to high green and fired strengths and can be adjusted to suit individual customer requirements with extremely accurate settings on all aspects of slurry properties. This range of casting plasters are available in a Foamed and Non-Foamed format.

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